ReWire Announces Transition to Zero Energy Solutions Provider

Zero energy smart neighborhood

Shifting from Traditional Energy Assessment and Advisory Services, Local Energy Start-Up Will Provide Strategic Energy Solutions Including:

  • Enabling Zero Energy Buildings, both existing and new construction;
  • Support Smart City policy development and deployment
  • Transformative technology deployment

Saratoga Springs, NY – ReWire Energy today announced a new stage in their corporate growth that will align ReWire’s software development, energy analytics, financial modeling and utility program management expertise with market needs, including serving commercial real estate development and management, municipal and utility customers, and dynamic energy and technology customers.

Between consumer demand for efficient energy solutions, evolving market dynamics and ongoing regulatory  changes, a variety of customers are seeking strategic support in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.  Based on these trends, ReWire is focused on becoming the region’s first full-service Zero Energy Solutions provider.  This new approach will focus on solving technology challenges – in design, construction, and technology deployment – to help commercial customers save money and energy while improving both their bottom line and the planet.

Lee Evans, President of ReWire Energy said, “ReWire is excited to make this transition to better reflect market challenges and opportunities. Our combined experience presents a new model for delivering Zero Energy Solutions.  ReWire will be serving customers in the new construction, existing building retrofit, and municipal government arenas through a strategic alignment of engineering expertise, energy analytics, financial insight, and new technology deployment. We’re confident this approach will deliver compelling outcomes for real estate, municipal and utility customers.”

Specifically, this new approach will focus on delivering results for new construction and existing building customers including:

  • Identifying Incentive Programs and applying those incentives to increase cash flow;
  • Boosting ROI through reductions in soft costs and increases in overall Project/Property values
  • Providing analytics, education and financial insight for faster positive cash flow;
  • Comply/exceed building code or local energy plan expectations.

ReWire will also seek to deliver new solutions for Smart City and Smart Grid adoption, as well as general municipal and utility customers such as:

  • New energy programs to drive cost reductions, revenue enhancement and carbon reductions;
  • Community Benefits include electrification, reduced congestion and resident access to community solar;
  • Development of Municipal Smart Energy Platform for governments and other municipal entities to easily adopt smart energy solutions that optimize consumption patterns, saving energy and reducing costs;
  • Development of customer municipal energy plan.

ReWire, based in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY provides in-depth strategic energy consulting services. Their expertise was sought to support the energy plan for the Link @ SoBro project in Saratoga Springs and recently collaborated with the City of Schenectady on a proposal to NYSERDA for the development of innovative municipal smart grid technology.


About ReWire

ReWire Energy is part of the ReWire Group, LLC, a family-led and NYS Certified Minority owned Business Enterprise (MBE) focused on delivering Zero Energy solutions for real estate, municipal, commercial and institutional customers through a combination of energy and financial modeling, process automation software and new technology deployment. Based in Saratoga Springs, NY, ReWire is developing opportunities for clients throughout the region by redefining the Value of Zero.  Learn more at

The Value of Zero

We all know the value of zero right?  Nothing?  Nada?  Zilch?

When it comes to energy, zero is actually really valuable.  You may have seen the article we shared in the Saratoga Business Journal a few month ago on Zero Energy Buildings.   This concept – buildings that consume no more energy than they produce – isn’t some futuristic or high cost unattainable approach to real estate.  It’s actually right within our grasp.  When new projects are designed and built, taking just a few deliberate steps can result in an enormous impact.  ReWire looks at advanced efficiency technologies and onsite generation systems such as solar power and geothermal energy to help achieve these results.

Barriers to Zero Energy

So, since it’s relatively simple and should save money, Zero Energy (ZE) Buildings should be all over the place, right?  Unfortunately, in real estate development, energy usage and efficiency is all too often considered a cost center – and a really big one.  Fortunately we’re able to work with developers that take the time to consider how a ZE goal can drive long-term value for their building. Many commercial real estate developers have such significant cost challenges, they don’t look into ZE as a valuable investment.

The Value of ZE Buildings

How valuable?  ZE buildings can provide big returns to developers and landlords, including 3 to 7 % higher occupancy rates, 3.5 percent higher rental rates and 13 percent higher sales prices.  The value of ZE amounts to a 30-50 percent energy and cost reduction savings over the course of a building’s useful lifetime.

That’s the Value of Zero.

ReWire at ABR Power Breakfast: Real Estate Opportunities Downtown

ReWire will be hosting an exhibit table at the Albany Business Review’s upcoming Real Estate Power Breakfast. During the event the ReWire Energy Performance Team will talk to Real Estate Developers and Property Owners about our transition to a Zero Energy Advisory firm and all that entails. ReWire will discuss its new Zero Energy process for new construction and deep energy retrofits. The team will also unveil plans about its emerging Zero Energy Platform or ZEP.

The breakfast event will explore Opportunity Zones, the federal program created to spur investment in low-income areas. This program  is starting to get attention, regionally and nationally. Developers, attorneys and accountants say the tax breaks could be lucrative. Come hear how these programs could impact your business and the region.

Join the ReWire Energy Performance team at our table for an informative discussion on real estate and ways to use energy strategy to grow revenue and enhance commercial property or real estate portfolios.

ReWire to Exhibit at RPI’s 2019 Future Energy Systems Technology Conference

ReWire Energy will be debuting some of its new Zero Energy products and service offerings at RPI’s 2019 Future Energy Systems Technology Conference. As part of its new initiatives ReWire is developing a Zero Energy software platform (ZEP) that supports a unique digital process. The ZEP software will combine imported energy modeling and ECM data with proprietary data processing and a dynamic modeling engine that can determine optimal renewable energy and energy storage requirements. The ultimate vision for the Zero Energy Platform, is a system with augmented intelligence (AI) that can determine the best electricity source based on time of use, price fluctuations, grid congestion, solar and battery storage availability.

The conference is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, 2019, and will be held in the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY. Major programs of the event will include:

  • Keynote speeches by leaders in the field
  • Parallel oral presentation sessions focusing on new technology
  • A poster and exhibition session with reception

The oral sessions will feature presentations by world-class experts in three areas: Advanced Component Technologies for Electrified TransportationNew Materials and Devices for Solar and Wind Energy, and Offshore Wind and Future Energy Systems. In addition to Center researchers, there will also be invited industry speakers presenting in these sessions. The poster session will showcase the broad research scope of CFES and provide additional opportunities for individual and in-depth technical discussion with Center researchers. CFES industry partners are also invited to exhibit their technology and showcase their collaboration with CFES.

For more information see: 2019 Future Energy Systems Technology Conference