Energy Advisory

As Energy Advisors, ReWire has the knowledge, sophistication and market insight, that enables us to add real value to your business; gives us the ability to identify clear choices, that help you take charge of your energy management opportunities.

ReWire Energy Advisory services are delivered under a staff augmentation model where we function as an extension of your team. This approach frees up staff and allows your business to stay focused on core activities and manage growth.

When you hire ReWire as your Energy Advisory team, we bring several distinct operational and financial advantages, including:

  • Development of a multi-year energy strategy designed to meet your budget and energy savings goals
  • Lower pricing from energy suppliers – through existing supplier relationships, we foster competition through a bidding process as a method to obtain better pricing than suppliers can offer directly
  • Ongoing analysis of market changes, continuous monitoring of the solutions we put in place and communication of the implications for your business.
  • We alert you to price fluctuations, regulatory actions, or infrastructure updates—positive or negative—that could affect your energy strategy.
  • Provide guidance on additional cost-reduction energy strategies, including suggestions on solutions that help you better manage energy costs, such as peak load management, energy efficiency and renewables.

Renewable Energy

For many companies, a progressive energy strategy includes renewable energy as a key component. Renewable energy helps your business operate more sustainably and to also save money by using energy more efficiently.

Through strategic use of renewable energy, we can help you to reduce emissions, manage time of day consumption based energy pricing, maintain compliance and support your sustainability goals, all while demonstrating environmental leadership.

Solar Energy
Solar power generation coupled with strategic use of distributed energy resources can help your firm to lessen dependence on the grid, reduce electricity costs and meet sustainability goals. ReWire with our expert installer partners, offers solar installations with multiple financing options.

To find out if your business is a good candidate for solar, talk with your Energy Advisor Lee Evans, or request more information.

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Smart Energy
The energy marketplace is changing rapidly. Renewable Energy Technologies are becoming less costly and easier to integrate with commercial and off site energy systems.

In addition to the growth of renewables, we are seeing the rise of distributed energy resources such as micro-grids and energy storage systems. These emergent technologies are becoming more prevalent and will have a transformational impact on how we consume energy.

In conjunction with the growth in distributed and self-generation, we are witnessing the emergence of energy intelligence and Smart Energy platforms and software-based applications. Energy Apps will soon be common with greater visibility into consumption and demand management capabilities.

As part of the evolution of energy markets, important changes in how we buy and sell energy is enabling and accelerating the growth of new technologies. We are seeing the beginning of a revolution where the transition from energy consumer to energy producer will allow businesses to produce, store and sell their own clean energy. We call this emerging marketplace the Solar Electric Economy.

Ask ReWire Energy Advisor Lee Evans about how you can begin your Smart Energy journey.

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