ReWire Energy and Shenendehowa’s Bountiful Backpack Announce Community Solar Fundraising Campaign

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – ReWire Energy, a New York energy advisory firm that specializes in the development of energy solutions for the community, is launching a new Community Solar partnership and fundraising campaign under its Energy Brothers consumer brand with Shenendehowa’s K-12 Bountiful Backpack program, which provides food to students experiencing food insecurity.

Beginning today, subscribers using the promo code: BOUNTIFUL21 will generate a $50 donation to Bountiful Backpack courtesy of the “Energy Brothers” Community Solar Program. Subscribers to the Energy Brothers Community Solar Program will receive credits for electricity generated at a local solar farm, credited to subscribers’ bills anywhere in any of the major New York State utility’s territory (ConEdison not available), without the need to install any equipment at the customers’ location. Subscribers are guaranteed to save 10 percent on their renewable electricity credit purchases. Both residential and commercial customers are eligible to subscribe. There are no long-term contracts to sign, and by entering the promo code: BOUNTIFUL21 on the Community Solar Subscription page, the Energy Brothers will donate $50 per subscriber to Shenendehowa’s K-12 Bountiful Backpack mission to stave off student food insecurities within the school district.

Beth Miles, a volunteer for the program said, “We are excited to launch this fundraising effort with the Energy Brothers. Our goal is to raise $9,250, which will support 50 students for a year in the program. The best part is that participants have no out-of-pocket costs and saves households money on their electric bill. It’s a win-win.”

This program will also help young people learn more about the science and engineering behind solar energy. Students from Shenendehowa High School’s Environmental Club visited Active Solar Development company’s Sodeman Road Solar Farm on January 11, 2020.. This farm is located about 20 miles north of Clifton Park in the Town of Milton. Sean McCleneghen, Director of Operations of Active Solar, gave a tour to the students and discussed the basics of solar power generation and solar project development.

The Sodeman farm generates roughly 6.3 MW of capacity through ~17,000 solar panels covering ~25 acres. The farm generates enough clean energy to power more than 1,000 homes.

Kenny Evans, a Partner at ReWire Group said, “Our Energy Brothers brand is a community-focused grass-roots effort, and we use Community Solar access to support non-profits in the local area. As a Shenendehowa graduate, I’m proud to help support its Bountiful Backpack program. It’s such an amazing organization run by some extremely dedicated people who are addressing a real need in the community.”

About ReWire Energy: ReWire is a family-owned energy advisory company that provides energy efficiency and distributed energy solutions. The company’s solutions are designed to add value through smarter energy management decisions. Energy Brothers, the grassroots, clean energy lifestyle brand of ReWire Energy is focused on the ability to provide Community Solar access to all. The Energy Brothers believe that the entire community benefits from each individual that transitions to a clean energy lifestyle.

ReWire enables its customers to choose clean, independent, and renewable energy sources economically and efficiently. The ability to maintain choice and control over their energy situation is the primary goal for its customers.

About Bountiful Backpack: In partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern NY, Shenendehowa’s K-12 Bountiful Backpack program was founded in 2014 and designed to discreetly meet the needs of hungry children at times when other resources are not available. The program provides hungry children with backpacks filled with nutritious and easy-to-prepare food on Friday afternoons to eat throughout the weekends.

About Active Solar: Active Solar Development, LLC was founded by Frank McCleneghen in 2012, Active Solar develops large commercial and small utility-scale solar PV development & construction. Over 15 years of combined experience in solar PV, the team has continuously brought unmatched efficiency and professionalism to clients which include local, state, & federal government authorities, school districts, and universities across the country. As a group, they have taken lead management roles in the financing, development, or construction of over 250 solar projects, totaling 100+ MWs of installed capacity.



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