Community Solar

Community solar is an innovative way for anyone paying an energy bill to access solar energy. This model for providing lower cost solar energy has been gaining increasing popularity across the country and more recently in New York State. Community solar models can have a leading role in connecting stakeholders to help increase the availability of renewable energy.

ReWire offers Community Solar for NY National Grid Customers. Here are the Sun filled Facts:

  • What? Large Solar Array built at remote location
  • How? Produces electricity for the grid available to be sold
  • Why? Clean, renewable energy guaranteed for less cost
  • Who? Home owners, renters, churches

How Does it Work?

The way it works is that a household currently purchasing power from a utility, decides it wants to purchase electricity from the solar farm. They enter into a contract with the Community Solar Provider to buy a certain portion of the solar farm output. This allocation offsets what they consume from their utility. The “subscribed” annual production will vary slightly, but should be about the same every year. Each month, the utility company will read the meter at the site and credit all of the members electric bills with their allocated energy credits.

To learn more or sign up, call ReWire Energy at 518-290-3130

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