ReWire delivers a dynamic energy strategy resulting in immediate cost savings and long-term sustainability for your operations. Think of ReWire as your Virtual Energy Officer or “VEO”.  By integrating analytical techniques with advanced technologies, ReWire will design a strategic energy plan to lower costs, and improve building performance while addressing regulatory guidelines, helping you to transition to cleaner, lower-cost renewable energy sources.

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Decades of cross-industry experience

ReWire also brings decades of systems management, product development and complex market navigation experience. From utility operations, financial analysis and energy modeling to systems automation, market and business development experience, we showcase a diverse team with complementary skills and capabilities spanning many industries and market sectors. 


Our holistic approach addresses these 4 primary areas. Each project is unique. Most focus on more than one area as determined by our in-depth needs analysis.


Businesses need to know how much energy they use; how much it costs and know the impact spending has on key operating and financial indicators. In addition to reduced energy costs, this includes income generation and balance sheet improvement. The proper energy solution can help drive improved operational performance.

We will create a custom plan to help you achieve these benefits.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Oversight from Federal and State regulators continue to grow, highlighting the need for accelerated energy solutions. ReWire’s mission aligns with Federal and State legislation. 

We provide the necessary guidance and preparation for energy and carbon reporting, regulatory compliance strategies and solutions. We will also ensure you are maximizing the financial benefits available from energy incentives.

Explore Clean Energy Benefits

Energy solution installers tend to recommend maximizing their specific solution. ReWire’s process provides a responsive, product agnostic strategy that optimizes the energy solution for our customers.

ReWire will facilitate the implementation process by bringing the appropriate mix of stakeholders together (installers, EPC firms, utilities, and capital providers) to execute an optimized plan

Carbon Reduction Strategies

Pressure from customers, investors, employees and regulators to decarbonize your operations is increasing. Employing a sustainability strategy is the most important step you can take to meet these expectations as it relates to climate change. 

We will explore ways your organization can become more sustainable while enhancing your “green” brand and marketability. 

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