Environmental sustainability focuses on the well-being of the environment. This pillar includes water quality, air quality, and reduction of environmental stressors, such as greenhouse gas emissions. Human health depends greatly on the quality of a person’s environment, inextricably linking human health and the state of the environment. Therefore, efforts to preserve and restore the environment benefits people, too.

The environment also provides natural resources necessary to foster economic sustainability. Companies rely on the extraction of natural resources to be economically sustainable. Efforts to extract resources at levels that are sustainable for the environment will also provide economic sustainability through the continued availability of resources.

As part of our sustainability efforts and service offerings, ReWire focuses on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and is working with its strategic partners to bring advanced technology, including multi-parameter sensors that detect particulates in the air that can affect human health in the workplace.

We seek dual-purpose technologies that can enable both monitoring and improvements for both air quality and energy savings, and systems that allow us to cost effectively provide turnkey packages to our customers looking to implement energy savings controls, IAQ management, and real-time energy management strategies.

We will continue to build out our sustainable services and product offerings to help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives and goals for health and energy conservation.


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