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Managed Services through the VEO

As an organization’s Virtual Energy Officer, or VEO, ReWire bundles energy management, advisory services and process automation under a subscription-based offering providing a cost-effective and comprehensive package of services for our commercial, industrial, and municipal customers.

Optimized by Customer Segment

Energy management and advisory services are bundled in different ways depending on the specific needs and goals for different market segments including commercial, industrial and municipal customers. For example, a subscription package for commercial customers might include energy procurement, bill management, and energy benchmarking, while a package for industrial customers might include energy efficiency consulting and renewable energy project development.

Service Levels Offerings

Customers have different needs and budgets, so we flexibly offer different levels of service at different price points. A basic subscription package may include energy consumption monitoring and energy market analysis, while a premium package could include energy efficiency consulting, renewable energy project development, and energy performance contracting.

Ongoing support and monitoring

A key component of our subscription-based offering is the ability to provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that our customers are realizing the benefits of the services we provide. This support includes regular check-ins, performance reporting to track progress, measurement and verification post project and survey of the legislative landscape for important regulations and incentives. Ongoing services also include the identification of opportunities for further improvement.

Incorporating new technologies and services

As part of our market analysis and diligence to help our customers stay competitive, we survey the market to incorporate new technologies such as building automation, IoT monitoring and advanced predictive analytics, as they become available. These offerings can be bundled in the subscription service.

The ReWire Energy Management platform provides the best of automation, data collection and predictive analytics combined with our managed service offerings.


Our subscription-based services are flexible and allow clients to switch or upgrade/downgrade services based on their changing needs, budget and circumstances.

Customer Fit

Energy management and advisory services depend on the specific needs of the customer. Our primary focus is to make sure that the recommendations we offer are the best fit for the specific needs and goals of each customer and then build a subscription package that meets those needs.

Dedicated Energy Management Platform

ReWire combines subscription-based energy management services with a dedicated energy management and analytical platform under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This combined method and delivery model is unique and distinct when compared with offerings from other energy service and energy advisory firms.

The ReWire Energy Management platform provides the best of automation, data collection and predictive analytics combined with our managed service offerings.


Reduce energy costs and make the move to renewable energy.