The ReWire process starts with an energy needs assessment, including general discovery of customer challenges and goals. Once the assessment is complete, an Energy Audit may be necessary to identify areas that need attention. Based on what we learn through our proprietary analytical process, we begin to develop the appropriate efficiency and clean energy strategies. We provide a set of options that include state-based programs, tax credits, incentives and funding resources that make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades more affordable.


The ReWire team brings decades of complex systems management, product development and market penetration experience. From utility operations, financial analysis, energy modeling, IT automation, marketing and business development experience, we showcase a diverse team with complementary skills and capabilities spanning many industries and market sectors. ReWire has provided energy advisory expertise to several notable companies including Sunrise Management & Consulting, Dunkin (franchisee), ReEnergy Holdings, and SUNY Polytechnic.

Our solutions will not only focus on the energy areas you may have identified, but also those areas that we discover through our assessment and audit process. Once we have completed those processes, we present our detailed recommendations, offering the most cost-effective improvements for maximum return on investment, increased comfort, minimum commercial energy bills, and optimal building health and safety.

ReWire 4 Step Process

Step 1: Needs Assessment

Collaboratively assess needs, goals, qualitative and quantitative targets to outline Project Scope design.

Step 2: Preliminary Analysis

Based on customer requirements, provide analysis of current production, consumption, and indicative solution returns.

Step 3: Solution Architecture Services (Energy Auditor brought into this phase)

This step outlines a fully documented Optimal Energy Solution Plan with applicable incentives, ECMs, Renewable Energy analysis, and financial analysis.
This will incorporate the following strategies:

Step 4: Solution Integration and Implementation Services

Implementation of Turnkey Deliverables include Project Management, Renewable Energy Deployment, Applicable Energy Efficiency Measures, Investors/Financing

Maintain a Turnkey Solution 

Once the initial solution is deployed, based on customer goals, targets, and requirements, ReWire will provide optimal solution maintenance, education, and training.

Renewable ENERGY

The use of Distributed Energy as part of an energy plan is a great way to reduce energy costs and help your business become more sustainable. These energy sources are connected right to where the energy is being used, therefore cutting down the amount of “energy waste” that can happen along the traditional transmission and distribution lines.

Renewable Energy

Technologies include Solar (PV), Geothermal, Wind, Hydroelectric, and Biomass. Renewables are a sustainable energy alternative to fossil fuels that provide tax advantages, lower energy costs, and a measurable return on investment often due to aggressive State and Federal incentive programs.

ReWire partners with experienced installers that use sophisticated tools to properly size each solution. The results are high-quality installations that produce low-cost clean and green energy for decades.  

EV Chargers 

Despite supply chain disruptions, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) doubled in 2021. This growth in EV sales has put pressure on businesses to develop adequate charging infrastructure. Installation of commercial EV charging stations is an important option for businesses that want to keep up with EV growth trends to increase property value, improve employee/customer satisfaction and develop their brand. Businesses can also benefit from many incentives and rebates for EV charging stations as NYSERDA and National Grid have been actively offering incentives where available.

ReWire will work with you to determine options, estimate costs, secure incentives and navigate challenges for your installation.


Measurement and Verification


ReWire specializes in energy efficiency analyses and solutions that define the best path for our customers to transition to renewable energy. We help our customers realize the cost savings and benefits related to the implementation of these measures by using our Measurement & Verification (M&V) services. This service will quantify the outcomes and verify the contribution to lowering energy-related operating costs and supporting environmental sustainability goals. The ReWire team delivers these services, which define actual energy savings and verifiable outcomes, that demonstrate the short- and long-term impacts of the efficiency and renewable energy solutions we design.

As an Energy Advisory firm, ReWire leads with defining the most cost-effective solutions, starting with energy efficiency across facilities, building portfolios and municipal and multifamily operations. As a capstone of our offerings, we have introduced M&V services to verify the benefits and the outcomes of the economic models and methods we use to fulfill customer sustainability and efficiency goals.

ReWire M&V services are based on the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), which is the accepted standard for quantifying the results of energy saving programs. Our energy and engineering experts use this methodology as part of a broader energy efficiency measurement and verification program that cover:

As part of our self-funding energy roadmap method of continuous improvement, which provides for introducing new measures as savings are realized and our recommended programs progress, ReWire M&V services will bring together organizations focused on sustainability from other sectors, offering distinct benefits:

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