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Energy Management Solutions

ReWire offers a full range of programs that help identify the most cost-effective improvements for maximum return on energy investments. By investing in our recommended energy solutions, our customers can expect increased comfort, lower energy and operating costs, and healthier buildings.

Our solutions are backed by years of experience in this field — so you can be confident that you're getting the best possible solutions, tailored to your organization's needs.

Energy Efficiency

The range of analytical and design services we champion are focused on identifying opportunities for maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings. We work with commercial and industrial businesses, municipalities and government agencies to develop energy efficiency strategies that are customized for each organization’s unique situation.

A smarter way to save

We develop programs that identify opportunities for energy efficiency and maximum cost savings. We start with assessments that help our clients to move towards electrification of their operations and best methods to pursue sustainability and resilience goals.

ReWire advisors use analytical processes and proprietary tools to design solutions that help our commercial and industrial businesses identify opportunities for sustainable cost savings. 

We take the time to understand your goals, immediate and longer term needs and potential obstacles, while producing a customized efficiency solution that saves you money by reducing your energy consumption and lowering costs as part of a transition to cleaner renewable energy options.

Our Efficiency Solutions include:

Energy Storage is the Future

An emerging part of our energy advisory services for commercial and industrial businesses is the initiative to implement, and maximize the potential of energy storage and distributed energy resources.

Through strategic application of storage technology, we help our customers increase sustainability, improve resilience, and lower operating costs.

Expertise with a focus on innovation

The country’s energy mix is evolving and is ever more competitive and diverse. Battery storage technology provides a solution to safely and efficiently store energy so that it can be consumed on demand, its output can be controlled, and energy distribution can be effectively managed, making the grid more flexible and reliable.

With our expertise in energy storage, backup power and distributed energy resources, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers understand how best to utilize these technologies to improve efficiency while lowering costs. Our economic modeling of these technologies can provide you with innovative solutions that will create a competitive advantage.

Embrace Electrification

We help our clients intelligently achieve electrification of operations.

Electrification for commercial and industrial businesses

ReWire designs electrification solutions for commercial and industrial businesses, we identify opportunities for maximizing cost saving strategies and enhance ability to move towards beneficial electrification models, that provides benefits to our customers, reduces grid load and lowers carbon emissions.

Industrial Electrification Solutions

We offer a wide range of industrial electrification solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We identify opportunities for maximizing cost saving strategies and enhance your ability to move towards electrification models that deliver maximum benefits to our customers and reduce grid load, lowering carbon emissions.

As part of developing electrification strategies, we focus on converting fossil fuel-powered systems, equipment, controls and appliances to electric powered infrastructure. These electrification measures play a significant role in emissions and operating cost reductions—while increasing customer satisfaction and renewable energy adoption.

As part of our solution design, we incorporate our EVSE infrastructure partners and products that overcome the challenges of EV fleet management

ReWire provides energy management solutions for commercial, multifamily and institutional customers. Our goal is to help our customers manage their energy costs and now we’re ready to assist with your electric vehicle fleet and infrastructure deployment.

EV Partners

Businesses are exploring how best to understand and adopt EV charging infrastructure, and we can help. We combine our engineering, design, project management, and execution expertise with industry-leading partners and provide solutions like onsite power upgrades to streamline the implementation.

Electricity costs are only one part of the equation

We offer a suite of products and solutions that will help you manage your fleet, such as our battery-based energy storage solution. ReWire’s solutions are designed to help you reduce your total cost of ownership, while meeting all your EV fleet needs.

Your Clean Energy Future

ReWire combines our economic analyses, capabilities and technology to help you find better answers, take decisive action and move forward with smart decisions. Our teams work with yours to:

ReWire will assist with the adoption of renewables – and play a key role in building the decarbonized, sustainable economy that creates measurable long-term value for everyone.

Measurement and Verification

We verify your clean energy choices

We offer a range of services to help our clients reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. We design a strategic energy plan, recommend, and define the optimal path toward electrification and the most economically viable options for renewable energy generation. Once generating systems are complete and installed, we use continuous analysis, measurement, and verification methods to verify your renewable energy output, confirm the long-term cost savings, and sustainable operating benefits.

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