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Case Study: Advanced Metering

Client is a Northeastern Utility focused on grid modernization through the deployment of advanced metering infrastructure to better serve their roughly 2 million gas and electric customers.

Project Goals

The design process has four main goals:

  • The Client’s goal is to establish a business and technology operating model that will enable consumer, municipal, and utility smart energy features also known as ‘Use Cases’.
  • The core of this project is the implementation of a Smart Platform featuring Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”), comprised of about 2 million electrical “smart” meters, with integrations and enhancements to existing electrical systems.
  • The initial deployment will be the implementation of roughly 2 dozen foundational and advanced Use Cases that will maximize the value of the Smart Platform.
  • The Smart Platform will be the primary component of the newly Upgraded Grid that underpins the Utility’s transition towards a future that benefits all stakeholders.

The ReWire Solution

ReWire is fulfilling the Project Manager role and is responsible for awarding the AMI 3rd party System Integrator RFP and managing the deployment of the 22 Advanced Use Cases. The project is scheduled for completion in 2024.