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Supporting the Global Effort to Decarbonize

Because of the realities of climate change the world has started on a global effort to decarbonize by transitioning to clean and cost effective renewable energy technologies supported by resilient and sustainable building infrastructures. This global transition is creating exciting new environmental and economic opportunities for towns and cities across the world that are equipped to take this journey. It is through that global transition lens that ReWire Energy will focus our Municipal Energy Roadmap.

A Guide with Overarching Principles

As Municipalities build energy plans for the future, we realized that ReWire Energy could support these efforts by developing a Guide with overarching principles to help lead them to successful outcomes. After research and review of the current literature, we determined that the Rocky Mountain Institute, (RMI is one of the preeminent leaders in sustainability), is working worldwide to encourage the sharing and adoption of lessons learned by other cities that have taken the journey to achieve the benefits of Sustainable Community practices.

Therefore, the Guide leverages RMI and other research, as well as ReWire’s own observations of best practices to deliver an actionable resource that city planners, developers and property owners can use to create their carbon neutral and energy efficient future plans for new construction and deep retrofit energy projects.