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Meet Warren Evans, Co-Founder, Partner and Director of Renewable Energy Development

Warren is dedicated to empowering customers to choose clean, independent, and renewable energy sources. With over twenty years of experience at major global firms, Warren has successfully deployed breakthrough global business and technical solutions while meeting organizational budgets upwards of $60M. This experience, along with Warren’s ability to report directly to C-Level executives, has allowed him to design and analyze Renewable Energy solutions for ReWire’s customers that integrate the right engineering and technology while meeting economic and strategic business goals.

Since earning his Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering in 1987, Warren has experienced firsthand the evolution of clean energy, through work in nuclear fuel design, plant operation, reactor and systems engineering, software delivery, high-technology manufacturing, and supply chain automation. After receiving his Master’s degree in Information Systems in 2003, he served as IT Director for Public Service Electric and Gas, among other roles. By 2015, he recognized that the transition to clean energy was underway. To ensure that he would be a part of spreading the word about clean energy, he co-founded the ReWire Group.

Warren’s passion for transitioning customers to clean energy prompted him to start writing a book called “Zero World – the Complete Guide to the Clean Energy Life” which is expected to be released in 2024. The book leads readers on a journey from our current First World lives to the inevitable clean energy future known as Zero World, inspiring readers with insights gleaned over his decades of experience in the energy field. He provides realistic, practical tools for living a more affordable, efficient, and enjoyable clean energy life powered entirely by sustainable renewable energy technology. Warren also enjoys being part of the rapidly growing renewable energy conference and podcast communities. In July 2020, an interview with Warren was featured on The Advocates videocast with Dan Cirucci, launching his public speaking efforts.

Warren’s clean energy advocacy touches a wide range of communities, from the K-12 STEM implementation project in Schenectady, NY that he’s hoping to participate in to the active Philadelphia, PA real estate mastermind group he invests in. The ReWire Group is becoming known as a groundbreaking community solar partner as they were a critical part of a celebrated, first-of-its-kind community solar farm in Clifton Park, NY in 2019. Warren is proud to be an environmental supporter and advocate for all forms of renewable energy and the game changing technologies and economics surrounding this global transition.