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The Rewire Energy Process

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With the team’s diverse strengths combined with in-depth analysis ReWire will build an energy strategy to meet your energy management objectives.

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We carry out the following steps in our process:

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  1. Needs Assessment & Usage
    First, we listen to make sure we understand your needs and priorities. We then delve further to determine your energy usage and patterns over time.
  2. Baseline Analysis
    ReWire fully compiles all baseline consumption information, and delivers a cost and usage analysis, breaking down energy costs per kWh, by monthly and yearly consumption.
  3. Summary Assessment
    ReWire summarizes all information collected and compares supply options in your market and evaluates all the products available to meet your budget and goals.
  4. HELIOS Modeling
    We then employ HELIOS, our analytical modeling tool to determine payback periods, rate of return and ROI for selected supplier options, efficiency measures, renewable energy programs and products to determine the best mix of strategic energy plan components that fit customer objectives.
  5. Proposed Solution
    A fully customized plan, tailored to your specifications is produced that addresses your goals, defines the methodology and identifies the appropriate vendors, service provider, energy generating asset and the actions required to successfully implement the program.
  6. Plan Implementation
    Once the agreement is in place, the ReWire team is deployed and your strategic energy plan is initiated along with a schedule of activities, designed to ensure that all aspects of energy usage and procurement as well as planned upgrades and efficiency measures are properly implemented.
  7. Maintenance & Monitoring
    Finally, as your trusted energy advisor, ReWire works with you, answering questions, resolving any issues, reviewing and auditing transactions and providing energy market intelligence. We continuously evaluate your strategy and adjust as needed over time.