Municipal Smart Energy

The ReWire Solution

ReWire Energy seeks to bring its expertise to municipal governments to serve as strategic consultants, reviewing portfolio data, conducting usage and efficiency audits, and identifying potential new generating solutions.  This approach allows municipal power corporations to reduce consumption, achieve cost savings (which could be passed along to consumers), and seek new opportunities they might not be able to consider on their own.  The ReWire model includes a small up-front consultative fee, followed by future considerations as a percentage of long term cost savings.

Smart Energy Services

Smart City Planning and Development

ReWire provides advisory support to municipal governments as they seek creative Smart City initiatives, offering policy guidance, technical acumen, and creative software and hardware solutions for energy challenges.

Energy Optimization Guidance

Our family of experts work with local government to review operations, analyze energy usage, and consider grid challenges and opportunities to find the most efficient energy approach for these governments.  Our approach focuses on saving money and reducing energy consumption, with an eye toward Zero Energy goals for all clients.

Municipal Energy Guidebook

Through our work with local governments, ReWire has developed a comprehensive Guidebook for local governments, planning boards and municipal officials to foster development of strategic energy plans, as well as guidelines for new construction.  This tool is customized to individual communities, offering a clear vision for local government energy planning.

Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV)

The ReWire team is working to develop a PEV Roadmap project that will accelerate PEV market growth by targeting and planning EV charging infrastructure in locations that are best suited to both municipal goals and utility grid needs. This will be accomplished by leveraging prior EPA-funded EV adoption projects in the California market (currently over 400,000 EVs with a target of 5 million by 2030) and adapting and expanding into an interactive online resource that is designed for NY- specific challenges and opportunities

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