The Municipal Energy Roadmap – First Edition

The Roadmap provides a primer on the principles of energy planning and key actions cities can use to encourage sustainable development while guiding commercial property developers and owners on their energy related design decisions for new construction and retrofit projects.

The Municipal Energy Roadmap gives Commercial Property Developers and Owners a preview of how regional energy planning is changing and how to incorporate energy use into their design decisions.

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No matter your role in the commercial real estate industry ecosystem, energy use is an important factor.  ReWire works with commercial real estate clients to optimize building energy use, improve design for greater efficiency, and transform energy usage into a revenue opportunity.



Zero Energy design introduces efficiency measures and incorporate onsite generation, fundamentally reducing costs of operation, while increasing return on investment. At ReWire turning energy investments into revenue opportunities is our business!



Whether your building is a year old or a hundred-year-old historical building, there’s no doubt that smart investments in energy can drive down your cost of operations. Identifying and applying the right measures, results in greater revenue, increased building value, and marketability.

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