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ReWire is Forging the Smart Energy Future

We start with the application of advanced analytical technologies, process automation, and dedication to energy and financial modeling precision. And through selection of the most effective programs and incentives, ReWire delivers Smart City, Commercial Zero Energy solutions and Zero Energy Advisory Services that drive greater value across the energy performance spectrum.


Building codes are becoming more stringent, market demand is increasing for efficient, clean energy and low carbon buildings where people can live, work and play. How to gain competitive advantage? The answer is to optimize building energy use, improve design for greater efficiency, and transform energy usage into a revenue opportunity.


Energy issues impact all aspects of life. Cities are developing ambitious energy goals to combat environmental threats and must respond to a growing constituency that demands a reduced carbon footprint. To achieve greater efficiency in new and existing building stock, it’s time to purse more aggressive strategies.


Supported by process automation and advanced software technology, we prepare our clients for the clean energy future, a future where market participants reap the benefits from the transition to Zero Energy. High performance building projects and deep energy retrofits yield higher value, greater cash flow and increased ROI.

Commercial Energy Guidebook

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