How to Save Money Building Affordable Zero Net Carbon Apartments

Project Open
Project Open in Salt Lake City

Chris Parker just finished construction of a zero carbon apartment building, with 70% of the units considered affordable housing, for less than the cost of building a similar traditional apartment building, and he is on his way to completing a second phase. Now, he’s ready to share what he learned so others can do it, too.

Parker, executive director and founder of Giv Development, is the creator of Project Open, a $16 million, 112-unit, 5-story, zero carbon apartment building in Salt Lake City. His vision was to create a development that is both a solution to global carbon emissions and local air pollution, – an issue especially problematic for residents in the Salt Lake City area – and to make this housing available to low income residents. This project addresses both air quality and affordable housing challenges by reducing the building’s energy use, saving building costs so rents can be low, and making it easy for residents to live without fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

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ReWire Energy in the Albany Business Review

Lee and Al Evans

Lee and Al Evans at Saratoga CoWorks Broadway

Alan and Lee Evans of ReWire Energy want to make it easier and cheaper for businesses, developers and municipalities to lower energy bills while adopting renewable energy technologies.

The Evans brothers started ReWire Energy in 2015 with their father, Milton, and three other brothers.

“If you’re running a business, your energy bill is one of those things you get and pay and forget about. Everyone always wants to reduce their energy costs,” Lee Evans said. “They also want to be green. We do an analysis to say ‘hey, here is how much kilowatt hours you’re using and how much its costing you.’ It’s a surprise for people.”

ReWire Energy focuses on the planning and analysis, figuring out ways to lower clients’ energy bill while bringing in new technologies like solar, smart thermostats and other net-zero energy technologies. The firm has strategic partners to implement the plans, including solar installers and energy companies.

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