Explore Activity Challenge Enlightens Science, Technology Engineering, and Math Students

Prior to the Neil deGrasse Tyson event at Proctor’s theater in Schenectady Monday evening, students — mostly middle schoolers and high school freshmen — assembled in ten groups of ten, led by their teachers. Each group was participating in a program called the Explore STEM Challenge developed by the Schenectady STEM Alliance. Students were able to select three stations from a list of 10 options with specific topics they wished to explore. Stations included 3-D printing, electric motors, Introduction to coding and wind turbine design among others.

The ReWire Energy team presented Solar Power–Science and Careers. Milton Evans, Lee Evans and Warren Evans were on hand at the ReWire Station to describe solar power technology for the students and educate them on careers associated with solar tech and renewable energy. Warren did a demonstration showing how light energy can drive the motor of a magnetic levitating device, powering its propeller.

Students spent 12 minutes at each station, after which they provided brief feedback about their experience and interests. They then completed their Explore Cards and received their Schenectady STEM T-Shirts before attending Neil deGrasse Tyson’s talk.


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